How to Get Clear, Glowy Skin: Best Skincare for Combination Skin

If you’ve been hunting for affordable solutions to clear your skin up then you’re going to love these products.

Maybe you have problematic skin and don’t know what to do about it, or maybe you’re just a skincare junky looking for new products. Either way, I’ve got you covered.

This affordable skincare routine cleared up my skin in a matter of weeks and left me glowing (for the first time ever). Here’s what I use…

Disclaimer: I have combination skin (it’s oilier in summer and dryer in winter but I have used this routine all-year-round). What works for me might not work for you, so bear that in mind. Oh and remember to check the ingredients for anything you might be allergic to babes! 

Just to let you know, this post may contain affiliate links (meaning if you buy from one of my links I make a little money at no extra cost to you). Find my full disclosure here.

The Products That Will Transform Your Skin for Under £50 ($65) in 2020

Quick List…

  1. Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser 
  2. Pixi Glow Tonic
  3. Laroche Posay Effaclar Duo
  4. Laroche Posay Effaclar H 

A Bit of Background (In Case You Have the Same Issues) 

I thought it might be helpful to tell you a little bit about how my skin was before, you know, just in case you think “yup, I’m with you there, babes”. 

As a teen, spots would erupt mostly in my T-zone (I’m talking cystic “under-the-skin spots that f*cking STUNG). Every so often, they would clear up for a couple of hours until new friends popped up in their place so it was pretty frustrating. 

Then, going into my twenties I was sure I’d grow out of my teenage acne (little did I know, things were gonna get A LOT worse).

I started to get dry and oily at the same time and I had no idea how to handle it. I didn’t have quite so many big spots but I kept getting these weird bumps all over my face. Oh, and I still had the scars from my teenage years so that was GREAT. 

Anyway, it’s safe to say I was pretty frustrated and it wasn’t until I started spending a little more time on my skin that things started to improve. BTW, I do this routine twice a day, every day (except if I’ve been to the pub; then it’s just a makeup wipe if I’m lucky… No one’s perfect). 

Also, I’m not made of money so I’d say these products are pretty affordable. Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget for all four, you can always start with one then build them up 🙂 

1. Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser 

Chances are, you’ve heard of his Cetaphil cleanser before. I’m not going to lie, I’d heard good things for ages but I just wasn’t sold (mostly because it looks like something you’d find at the doctors and I like nice packaging). 

Anyway, I eventually picked it up because I’d run out of my usual cleanser and it was the only half-decent one on offer in my local shop. However, I soon realized it was f*cking fantastic. It cleaned my skin really well but didn’t leave me feeling tight or dry. 

Usually, cleansers aimed at oily skin would dry me out, resulting in more oil throughout the day (not ideal). Honestly, this is one of the best cleansers I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried QUITE a few). Even my boyfriend swears by it… That’s when you know it’s a winner! 

2. Pixi Glow Tonic

The clues in the name with this one. If you want glowing skin, you have to try this guy out. You know when you buy a new skincare product that promises you’ll see results within 30 days? Well, if you’re like me, then 30 days is too long to wait. I mean, I’m a millennial, so I want to see INSTANT results, you know? 

Anyway, if you want to instantly transform your skin, the Pixi Glow Tonic will be your new best friend. I bought the travel size first just to give it a go. I used it before bed that night and in the morning I looked f*cking gorgeous. 

I mean, I’m usually quite a self-conscious person but that glow made me feel like a model. Plus, it’s only £8 so, I mean, what have you got to lose? Other than your inner critic. 

3. Laroche Posay Effaclar Duo

If there’s one thing you should try from this glowy skincare routine, it’s the Laroche Posay Effaclar Duo. This guy literally changed my life – dramatic but it’s true. Remember those bumps and scars I was complaining about earlier? This serum got rid of them in a matter of weeks. 

Although Laroche Posay is on the higher-end of drugstore skincare, it’s still pretty affordable considering it actually works. If you use it night and day, you’ll see visible results within the first week (small spots virtually disappear and more stubborn ones will start to shift). After a month most of my scars were gone and I went makeup-free (for the first time ever).

4.  Laroche Posay Effaclar H

I love the glowy trend but it’s much harder for us oily/combination guys and gals to get that glass skin. So, I’ve been on the hunt for a moisturizer that will give me the on-trend glow without looking like I’ve been in the gym all day (FYI, I’m not a pretty sweater). 

After falling in love with the Effaclar Duo, I thought I’d give a Laroche Posay moisturizer a go aaaand now it’s my new favorite glow booster. The Effaclar Duo and the Effaclar H are a match made in heaven for oily/combination skin because the Duo controls oils and the Effaclar H moisturizes. So, you can glow up as much as you want in the morning and you don’t have to worry about getting too shiny throughout the day! 

Get Your Glow On Today

Whether you’re a skincare junky looking for a great new product or a newbie with no idea where to start, I hope I’ve helped you on your journey to clearer skin. Problematic skin can be so frustrating (trust me, I’ve shed many a tear over spots and scars), especially when you’re working with a tight budget. 

I can’t tell you how many times I thought you had to be either RICH or LUCKY to have great skin (I say great because perfect doesn’t exist)! Now, I finally have clear, glowy skin (aside from THAT time of the month) and you can too. Go get your glow on and remember to tell me how you get on babes! Oh, and if you’ve got any product recommendations, leave them in the comments! 

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